*Second episode*

Adam and Robbie are high as kites after taking the stolen drugs. Adam takes off when he gets it into his head that he can win back his ex-girlfriend Katie. When Moira and Cain spot Adam staggering around, it doesn’t take them long to realise it’s not because he’s had one drink too many. Moments later, Adam throws up and, after having some form of fit, collapses on the ground! An ambulance is called and Adam is carted off to hospital. Will he be OK?

Despite his near-death experience last week, Finn’s thoughts are still on his mum, who abandoned him and his brothers when they were kids. So after having some time to think things through, he tells Pollard and Victoria that he’s going to look for his mum and is adamant that no one is to know.

Ashley is all set for his holiday with Carole, but is rather bemused to learn that Kerry will be in the same hotel. Harriet, however, is pleased, but why?

Meanwhile, Jai and Leyla may have told themselves that their moment of passion was a one-off, but it’s clear they still have unfinished business…