Adam disposes of Alex’s ashes

Adam brings Alex’s ashes into work, unsure of what to do with them. Later, Adam is forced to amputate the legs of a patient, Carl, who urges Adam to tell his wife Wendy that he has died, prompting Adam to realise that this is what Alex wanted for himself. Later, Adam disposes of Alex’s ashes in a bin, fulfilling his brother’s dying wish.

As the ED prepares for a Valentine’s Day speed-dating event, Curtis attends a shout, only to realise it was a hoax made by Tony, who threatens Curtis’s ‘girlfriend’. Curtis races back and finds that Alice is OK, but cancels their dinner date. When Alice tells Curtis she didn’t like the macabre Valentine’s card he sent her, Curtis realises it’s Tony’s work and breaks up with Alice.

Also, when Charlie suspects that Jay has been sending hoax Valentine’s cards, he decides it’s one joke too many and tells Jay that his contract won’t be renewed.

And Tess deals with a cash-hungry couple, who find out the hard way that money doesn’t always bring happiness.