Moira reckons she’s got a handle on Maxine’s protection racket after reporting her scam to the prison authorities. But Moira soon discovers she’s made things a whole lot worse for her son, Adam, when he gets bashed up behind bars. Moira, Cain and Aaron are shocked at the state of Adam’s injuries when the visit him in hospital. Maxine should be prepared for some Dingle retribution…

Elsewhere, in the aftermath of the hospital bombshell, Ali prepares to take a pregnancy test, while Ruby is still planning to propose. Could Ali lose Ruby for good if the test comes back positive?

Meanwhile, Lawrence, has already made it known he has no intention of rascally Robert becoming his son-in-law. So when he tries to stir up trouble between Robert and fiancee Chrissie, will he get one step closer to breaking up the couple?