Adam is alive!

Brax reveals Ricky’s the best thing that’s happened to him in a long time and Ricky gets upset because it was supposed to be a casual thing. Ricky tells Brax they should end things. He’s baffled, but she drives away. After parking at the front of a beach house, Ricky enters. Inside is Adam, still recovering from his accident, but definitely not dead. He’s set out to get revenge on Brax through Ricky, believing that Brax left him for dead.

On a ‘platonic’ date with Chris, Indi’s bemused to hear he’s never had a girlfriend. It’s clear the two share a mutual attraction, and they hook up back at the caravan. Roo witnesses it and Indi insists it’s just a bit of fun. Roo’s not so sure Chris sees it that way. When Indi asks Chris if he’s clear that this is just a fling he laughs it off, but deep down Chris is falling for her.

Dex is upset after his dressing down by April the previous night. They meet up and April explains she was jealous of Steph and they decide to be friends again. She convinces Dex to send a letter to the hospital telling the truth. Later, the pair respectively tell Irene and Sid that they actually love each other. Dex and April reveal their feelings and blissfully reunite.