Adam joins forces with Eva to bring down Aidan (VIDEO)

Adam and Eva plot their revenge against Aidan.

Adam instructs Eva to borrow Aidan’s paperwork regarding the flat purchase. On Adam’s advice, Eva suggests to Aidan that it might be best to put the flat in her name. Adam suggests their next move should be to take the factory from him.

Phelan offers Seb his job back at the builder’s yard. Seb’s pleased. When Nicola calls at the yard and invites Phelan for a drink, he’s thrilled. Phelan chats away, trying to get to know her, but when she reveals that she knows he’s dying, Phelan is completely thrown.

Craig tells Bethany that Neil denied everything. Bethany’s gutted, but Craig assures her he knows she’s telling the truth. Buoyed, Bethany announces she’s going to seek professional help and Sarah’s pleased.

Watch this clip from the episode:

Brian refuses to back down over Roy’s litter fine. Zeedan and Rana attend Luke, Kate and Alya’s flat-warming party. Luke leans in to kiss Alya – will she respond?