Adam kidnaps Daniel!

Adam takes Daniel to a secluded car park for a menacing chat

As Daniel sets off for his exam, Adam bundles him into the boot of Ken’s car. In a deserted car park, Adam tells him it’s time he confessed to the attack on Ken. Has Adam got his man? Meanwhile when a decanter of whisky gets knocked over at No. 1 it jogs Ken’s memory about the night he was attacked.

Nathan summons Neil to his flat and after explaining how Bethany let down one of his clients, he asks him to keep an eye out for her. Sarah tells the police everything she knows about Nathan, unaware that the officer is Neil!

Kate drags Johnny to the medical centre. When he describes his symptoms both he and Kate are stunned when the doctor suggests tests for Parkinsons and MS.

Norris has Mary running round after him. Eva’s excited when Aidan tells the girls he’ll be making an important announcement at the factory anniversary party,