Adam owns up to mangling Andy’s hand

The problems Adam thought he had paled into insignificance when he saw what he had done to Andy. Badly injured, with his hand trapped in the baler, Andy needs the fire brigade to help free him before he’s rushed to hospital. When Moira, Cain and Debbie arrive at the scene, James tells them he caused the accident. He’s trying to protect the boy he now knows is his son. But when Cain turns on James, Adam admits it was him  and that he was drunk. Moira’s devastated and turns to Cain for sympathy…

Having heard that Megan’s keen to restart the wedding-planner business, Leyla turns to her with a business proposal – and Megan doesn’t laugh her out of the room. In fact, Megan and Leyla form a partnership and Leyla has a plan to use the relaunch of Home Farm to their advantage.

Sam’s found a new female friend, which is why he’s been acting weird and robbing money from the Dingle pot. Hmmm, sounds like his friend is high maintenance – but Sam won’t tell his family anything about her.