Adam proposes to Victoria!

Victoria is left speechless when Adam gets down on one knee and proposes! His early birthday present for her, a car, goes down well with Victoria, but is she ready for a marriage proposal? And will she be touched to know how Moira’s given Adam her engagement ring which was from her late husband John? 

Lawrence feels it’s time the family got away. Having been through hell with all the Lachlan stuff, a break could be just what they need. Secretly, the idea is a problem for Robert, who is unsure about leaving Aaron alone in the village. Meanwhile, Chas wants Robert as far away from her son as possible and wants to buy him out of the scrapyard.

Priya reckons it’s time her mum got her love life back on track. Determined to get Georgia out there, she signs her up to a dating site! Rishi’s going to be thrilled. Not.