In a bid to make Adam pay for his cruel comment about his sanity, Cameron gets meddling. And soon he’s created such a stink between Adam and Declan that the young farmer punches him in full view of the police! It’s a great result for Cameron, who busily carries on rubbishing Adam’s name to make him look like the guilty party in Alex’s death… And bingo – before long Adam is arrested!

Going through cold turkey at home is turning into a living nightmare for strung-out Rhona. Unable to cope with the withdrawal from her addiction to painkillers, she pleads with Paddy to give her drugs to take the pain away. The vet is out of his depth – but will he cave in to crazed Rhona’s demands?

Now she’s seen Kyle, Amy just can’t forget about the little boy she gave up for adoption. Growing more obsessed with him by the day, she tries to get involved with one of his groups at a community centre.