Adam experiences flashbacks to his childhood when he attends a car crash which has left two boys trapped. Fighting off panic and claustrophobia, Adam manages to drag the two boys to safety. Back in resus Adam tries to help treat them but is sent away by Jordan.

Tension rises between Jordon and Ruth when he asks her to do his filing. Later in resus, Jordan forgets the name of a drug and tries to cover his tracks by questioning Ruth, leaving her shocked and confused. Later Jordan says that sleeping together was a mistake and warns her that work has to come first.

Kelsey and Jay continue to fool around, playing pranks on Big Mac with a fake skeleton. Big Mac is not amused. Big Mac goes to see Tess and Charlie to complain about Jay’s conduct. Charlie tries to defend Jay but Tess is less forthcoming and wants to put a complaint on his file.

Meanwhile, Ruth tells Toby she saw him and Ben in bed together but Toby denies anything happened. Toby is taken aback and is rude to Ben, telling him he never wants to see him again.