As a film crew arrives to make a documentary about A & E, on the Farmead Estate, ASBO teen Sammy Malone fires a lit rocket up into a stairwell, which explodes in the doorway of elderly resident Mrs Treaver, causing her to fall and shatter her hip. Meanwhile, agoraphobic resident Joe is treating burns to his face when a fire starts in his hallway.

Jeff, Dixie and Adam arrive at the scene with the film crew in tow and are treating Mrs Treaver when Adam hears Joe’s cries. As Adam realises that a fire is raging beneath them, an explosion causes Mrs Treaver’s floor to cave in, and Adam risks his life to enter the burning flat below. As Adam carries Joe to safety, the fire is soon out of control.

Meanwhile, Sammy turns up at A & E with a burnt hand, and clashes with Tess before disappearing. Tess heads to the Farmead Estate and eventually spots Sammy. But as she chases the teen across a demolition site, she falls, impaling herself on a metal rod. Tess pleas for help, but Sammy ignores her cries, instead filming Tess’s injuries before fleeing.

As Dixie and Jeff drive out of the estate with Mrs Treaver, Sammy runs into the road and is hit by the ambulance, which sends her flying in the air. With Sammy now seriously injured, will the paramedics learn of Tess’s plight?