The team attempt to stay strong following baby Harry’s death last week. Jessica remains unresponsive in intensive care and Adam throws himself into work, with Jordan sharing the burden as Acting Clinical Lead. Meanwhile Big Mac comes up with the idea of making Jessica a tape from her friends and playing it to her.

Jordan decides to take Lenny under his wing but an arrival from the junior doctor’s past threatens to ruin his career. His old friend Davey (Barry Sloane, better known as Hollyoaks bad boy Niall Rafferty) from the Cherrywood Children’s Home turns up reminding them it’s time to carry out the scheme they planned as children – burn the home down!

Things remain strained between Jay and Ruth as he demands answers regarding her decision to abort their baby.

Charlie’s son Louis makes reappearance in his father’s life but he’s only after one thing – cash.

Polly’s future hangs in the balance as the day of the hearing into Alistair’s death approaches. While giving evidence Jeff makes a slip and the young paramedic is suspended until further notice. Traumatised she decides to hand in her notice.

At the end of his shift Adam visits Jessica and decides to tell her – via the tape recorder – about the death of their son.