Adam tells Ricky it’s time to dump Brax

When Ricky finds Brax she makes excuses about why she doesn’t answer her phone. Adam calls Ricky and Brax answers the phone, so he hangs up. Adam decides Ricky needs to break up with Brax. She’s getting too close and he’s about to execute his plan.

Jett tells Marilyn he broke up with Nina because it feels disrespectful to be happy so soon after Gina’s death. Marilyn reveals Jett’s reasons to John, who understands what Jett’s going through. Marilyn gives John a comforting cuddle and Alf sees this, wondering if they’re getting too close.

April tries to find Dex before the Board meeting, but realises she has to let Dex fight his own battles. Casey finds Dex and tells him he’s not the first person to make a mistake. Dex arrives for his meeting, much to April and Sid’s relief, but after the meeting he reveals the Board was harsh.

Tamara thinks it’s convenient that Kyle’s disappeared when all this stuff is going down. Meanwhile, Kyle arrives home after his ‘job’ for Ricky, where he pulls out a package. Ricky tells him to hold onto the package, and she’ll organise a drop off. Later, Kyle tells Ricky he thinks they should tell Brax about his jobs.