Adam terrorises Ricky and Tamara

Ricky escapes, only to run into Adam and his men. He brings her back to the motel room where Tamara is tied up. Tamara is disgusted when Adam enters, and feels betrayed by Ricky. But when Adam threatens Tamara, Ricky defends her. Tamara and Ricky try to convince Adam that Brax truly thought he was dead. Adam becomes enraged – Brax betrayed him. Adam decides to move the girls leaving Tamara distressed and at breaking point.

Brax and Kyle visit Casey, who’s increasingly frustrated by Brax’s defence of Ricky. At the end of the visit, Brax lies and says he sent Tamara to the city with Bianca. Later, the boys receive a photo of Kyle buying the gun used to frame Casey, so Kyle has to leave. Before he goes Kyle warns Brax not to trust Ricky, but Brax doesn’t want to hear it.

Sid, acting on Indi’s behalf, asks Harvey and Alf if they could help Indi out at the gym and Harvey takes it on a little too enthusiastically. Alf decides to help Harvey, and Sid is apologetic for asking help from Harvey.

Dex upstages April while on rounds, resulting in bickering between the pair. April’s angry that Dex has been undermining her with patients and before he can stop himself Dex blurts out that he is smarter than her.