Adam treats a male rape victim

During the night shift, Sam is brought into A & E after being viciously attacked on his stag party. Sam can’t remember the attack, but his injuries lead Adam to believe that Sam’s been raped. Adam urges Sam to report the incident to the police. Sam’s reluctant – but he agrees when he spots his attacker being treated in the ED.

Meanwhile, 10-year-old Amy Clarkson is admitted with a fracture. But she won’t tell Jessica how she hurt herself while her overprotective mum, Karen, looks on, and Jessica’s suspicions are raised. Then A & E is thrown into chaos when Tess throws up everywhere and is sent home, and Charlie asks Toby to discharge Amy.

After Kelsey is also sent home ill, Abs and Charlie realise that the Norovirus has struck and Charlie manages to locate the source of infection to stop it spreading. When Amy is brought back in with fractured ribs, Jessica confronts Karen about her daughter’s injuries, but Ruth is certain there’s another explanation, and Maggie agrees.

Also, Adam suggests to Jessica that they have breakfast together but she can’t make it. It’s soon discovered why.