Convinced that his sister Holly is going to be hurt by Aaron, Adam decides to tell her that Aaron is gay. He doesn’t pick the right moment, though… Holly has lured Aaron up to her bedroom and Adam catches him half-dressed, helping himself to a drink. Adam’s furious and Holly wants to know why, so Adam tells her: Aaron tried to kiss him! But as Aaron was about to jump into bed with Holly, she finds that hard to believe. Aaron denies everything and Adam is left looking like a fool. Will he keep quiet now?

Ashley’s also a man on a mission – to get Laurel home. But she still won’t listen to his pleas. Diane decides it’s time for some straight talking and tells Ashley the only way he’ll get Laurel back is by encouraging Sally to move away. Oh, psycho Sally’s going to hate hearing that – if Ashley ever has the sense to tell her!

Katie needs a shoulder to cry on and Maisie has the nerve to offer hers! She squirms, though, when Katie asks her to find out if Ryan is seeing another girl… Will Maisie’s conscience get the better of her?

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