Zoe and Adam are still reeling from the revelation that Sean and Jessica are married. Livid that Sean didn’t tell her, Zoe threatens to tell Jess everything, while Adam refuses to talk to Jess when she approaches him. Later, Adam feels he might have acted hastily, but as he goes to speak to Jess, Sean appears and Adam is crushed.

Alone at home with his son Joey, Stacey is unable to find his stash of alcohol, and takes Joey out on ‘an adventure’ to get some. In a park, Stacey has a scuffle with a passer-by over Joey, who gets injured on a discarded syringe. Having put his son at serious risk and injured an innocent man, Stacey must now face up to his alcoholism.

En route to a gig, Charlie and Louis help a girl whose car has broken down and Louis is thrilled when it turns out to be Annie, the lead singer of the band. But Louis is embarrassed by his ‘uncool’ dad.

Also, Toby arrives late for his shift after spending the night with Joanne, and Abs encourages Ruth to emotionally connect with her patients.