Victoria gets on the case when she hears her estranged husband Adam is having problems with his eyesight. Being a typical bloke, Adam is keen to avoid seeing a doctor but Victoria insists he gets checked out, and drives him to hospital. As the exes spend time alone away from the village, they’re soon having a right laugh and are reminded why they got together. Their hang-out ends in a kiss – but will it lead to more?

Aaron hasn’t left his sister’s bedside since Liv was admitted to hospital. The teen had drunk a ton of brandy not realising her evil ex-brother-in-law Robert had laced it with sleeping pills as part of his plan to take down the Whites… Aaron’s going out of his mind with worry. Will his sibling pull through?

Charity takes the mickey out of Debbie about Tom – but Moira reckons Debbie should give him a chance.