Adam’s downward spiral continues this week and brings him to his bleakest moment yet. His friendship with recently separated Lyn (Liz May Brice) and her two young children, Sam and Billy, has momentarily reconnected him with life, but when Lyn’s estranged husband, Vince, accuses Adam of using Lyn because he’s only interested in the kids, it’s a bridge too far for the traumatised doctor…

With Vince’s implications ringing in her ears, a confused Lyn realises Adam isn’t being completely honest and she throws him out. The sudden loss of the one good thing in his life brings Adam to the brink. In despair he makes for a bridge where he tosses a coin on whether to live or die.

Fortunately fate intervenes and Charlie spots Adam just as he’s about to jump.

Elsewhere Jordan breaks it to Kieron that he’s not his father. Ruth discovers the missing clinical trial notes that clear Jay’s name. And May tells Yuki’s mother that he’s responsible for a patient’s death.