Adam’s life is in danger!

Can Steph save Adam before it's too late?

Adam runs into the busy car park to find his remote control car. However, Adam’s eagerness to find his toy nearly results in tragedy as he’s almost knocked over by a car. Luckily, Steph manages to save her son just in time, but the incident is a wake-up call for her and she decides to make some drastic life changes.

Swept away by planning Gary and Terese’s wedding, Xanthe asks Piper to look at her Pinterest board. However, Xanthe is overcome with sadness when she stumbles across a dress. She explains that the dress reminds her of one she was going to wear to prom. Piper realises that her best friend is disappointed to miss out on the school formal, so Piper comes up with a plan that is guaranteed to put a smile on Xanthe’s face!

Amy discovers that Nick is down in the dumps and, as a result, he isn’t spending any time with sister Terese. So Amy suggests they start looking at properties for his cancer wellness centre. However, as they search for properties they bump into Leo, who warns Nick that he’s keeping a very close eye on him. Later, Amy makes a suggestion that stuns Nick – will Amy follow her heart and betray her family?