On his way to the airport to intercept Valentino, a Russian arms dealer who’s coming to London to sell nuclear blueprints to Iran, Adam is mugged and kills his attacker. Adam soon learns that the ‘mugger’ was a reporter investigating the Tehran train bomb.

When Valentino evades MI5, Ros tells Yalta she will bug the Grid if they help her trace him. With Valentino in custody, the team locate the blueprints but remove the codes and let him escape – they want Valentino to go through with the exchange and lead them to the Iranian buyer.

Harry soon learns that the US had set up the whole deal – the codes were faulty and intended to set the Iranian nuclear programme back years. As the operation falls apart around them, it becomes clear that every side is now working to a different agenda…

Also, Adam meets Ana for the last time. But after Ana drugs him and leaves him in a bath to drown, it’s up to Ros to save him.

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