In this week’s Casualty, Kaye Wragg (no Angles, The Bill, The Lakes) plays mum Maureen whose teenage daughter Emily has collapsed. Maureen and her boyfriend Harry (Waterloo Road’s William Ash) rush Emily to hospital, but on the way there they have an horrific car crash leaving all three of them needing urgent medical attention. But things get even more complicated when a confused Emily accuses Harry of trying to rape her.

Dr Adam Trueman takes Emily’s side and neglects his treatment of Harry – leading to an unnecessary amputation of his leg.

A heated row between Adam and Kirsty spills over into the ward – which leads to Kirsty’s friends and colleagues discovering the truth about her terrible ordeal at the hands of her now deceased husband Warren.

Elsewhere, Jordan tells Ruth that she can return to clinical duties, but for a probationary period. A nervous Ruth faces her first patient, an elderly man who appears to be suffering from serious lung disease. The cantankerous patient is anything but co-operative, although Ruth holds her ground and gets to the bottom of his illness.