Doctor Adam Truman faces the decision of his life this week when paedophile Matthew is admitted to the emergency department.

Matthew is brought into Holby after being thrown through a window by a mystery attacker. Lenny instantly recognises him – he treated him for a previous head injury, sustained when he was attacked for being on the sex-offenders’ register.

Soon after, Adam treats Matthew’s attacker, Gary, for a fractured hand. Gary slips away and goes in search of Matthew. Adam intervenes just as Gary is about to kill Matthew with a fire extinguisher! Gary reveals Matthew abused his daughter.

When alone with Adam, Matthew begs Adam to let him die, claiming he finds it difficult to curb his evil impulses. And Adam – who has been unashamedly disregarding hospital rules recently – is tempted to bypass normal hospital procedure and help him.

Adam’s feelings are reinforced when he meets Matthew’s distraught mum Goldie (played by Denise Welch) who also gives him permission to end Matthew’s life.

Goldie, meanwhile, is keeping a secret of her own. Years ago she paid Gary off to keep quiet about her son’s abuse of his young daughter.

Elsewhere, Mads is distraught to learn that her new friend is the wife of her attacker. And Linda goes head to head with Jordan over budgets, only to find unlikely assistance in the form of his new assistant!

Adam decides to illegally administer drugs to Matthew, which will limit his sexual urges. Lenny discovers the truth, however, and warns his friend about the consequences…