Adam’s shock announcement!

*First episode*

Adam’s reeling from the shock of finding out that Aaron’s handed himself in to the police and heads to court for his mate’s hearing. On his return, Adam has a major announcement to make in The Woolpack. What is he about to reveal?

It’s the day of Donna’s funeral so everyone gets ready to say a final farewell. As Bob and Marlon dread the day ahead of them, Ross gets suited and booted for the service, but Debbie tries to talk him out of it. She’s worried it will all kick off if Ross makes an appearance so her dad, Cain, locks him in the garage. But as the funeral cars pass through the village, Ross spots an axe lying about in the garage and breaks free!

Finn thinks he’s come up trumps in the search for his mum, Emma, when he’s contacted by someone claiming to be her. Victoria, however, is dubious and worried when he plans to meet this woman. After all, she could be anyone! Although Finn doesn’t want his dad to know about his search, Victoria breaks his trust and tells James. How will he react to the news Finn’s been looking for his long-lost mum?