Adam’s been going off the rails for months and this week matters finally come to a dramatic conclusion.

The dust has barely settled following Kirsty’s unexpected departure last week. Since her goodbye Adam has been wrestling with his conscience and her final plea to him to come clean about his illegal treatment of paedophile Mark Haddon. And in this episode Adam decides to come clean to Clinical Lead Nick Jordan…

Soon after Adam drops his bombshell on Jordan, however, there’s a huge catastrophe for the Emergency Department to deal with when a bomb goes off at Holby Airport!

The hospital goes into high alert as the explosion’s casualties flood in. Jordan’s forced to delay firing Adam on the spot, as he needs all hands on deck. Although it’s chaos at the hospital Jordan keeps a watchful eye on Adam.

Meanwhile, Mads gets a huge shock as she deals with the injured victims of the airport bomb because Ash, the man who once tried to rape her, is among them.

Back at the hospital Lenny insists that Adam stops treating Ash and reveals that he attacked Mads. Adam, however, refuses to return to his maverick ways and completes his final shift with dignity. He walks away, never to return.