Justin and Aden panic. Could Justin really have killed his father? He wants to call the police, but Aden doesn’t. Aden tried to kill their dad once and it’s not going to look good now. He thinks they should just bury the body. Back home, Justin is anxious and has nightmares. Charlie tells them Larry has been released but hasn’t seen his parole officer. The boys lie – they haven’t seen him.

But with cuts all over the boys’ hands, Charlie is suspicious. Angelo seeks advice from Elijah about Charlie, but Elijah ends up asking Angelo’s advice instead. Angelo tells him to be honest.

VJ and Elijah play football and VJ mentions his dad, who he believes is in heaven. Elijah feels guilty. He tells Leah that a few months back he was called to a local hospital where a man had been in an accident. The man confessed, mentioning his wife and son, and died soon after.

That man was Vinnie, Leah’s ex husband. Leah is floored at the loss of Vinnie again. Unfortunately, VJ heard the whole thing and realises his mum lied to him. He was told his father was dead but he was alive this whole time. And VJ will never get to say goodbye properly.

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