Charlie and Angelo have a warrant to search the townhouse. Justin thinks they’ll get caught, but Aden tries to keep him calm. Justin is angry with himself – why did he ruin his life by getting involved with their father again? When questioned by Charlie and Angelo, Aden holds it together, saving Justin from cracking, even though their story doesn’t add up.

Angelo thinks they’ll find the car dumped somewhere. The DNA test on the grave comes back – it matches Larry Jefferies. Justin, panicking, is ready to confess, but Aden convinces him to wait until they know what Charlie and Angelo know. Wanting to protect Justin, Aden goes to the police station and confesses. He says Justin had nothing to do with it.

Miles tells Rabbit to be quiet and Alf overhears. He’s immediately worried that Miles is losing it again. Miles acts strange over dinner, and the next day, Alf confides in Martha about everything that’s been happening. She’s shocked.

At school, Gina sees Miles talking to himself and confronts him. She asks him to get a psych evaluation, which only angers him. When he admits to her who Rabbit is, Gina is forced to suspend him, worried about the safety of the kids he’s teaching.

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