Aden wants to forget about sleeping with Nicole. Rachel says he should avoid Belle until he knows what he wants. He blames Nicole for coming onto him and says their friendship is ruined. Rachel consults Craig the counsellor, who agrees Aden should stay away from Belle.

As Rachel and Tony return from honeymoon, Miles holds a barbeque and Pippa encourages Leah to talk to Roman, but it’s awkward. Roman cracks enough jokes at his own expense to put everyone at ease, but then has a sudden flashback to the accident. He breaks out in a cold sweat and Leah follows him out. They realise they both still have feelings for each other. Rachel tells Leah Roman’s blindness is caused by psychological issues that he’s not ready to deal with. Plus, she heard Roman say he wants to remain single.

Belle’s not ready to expose her feelings in group therapy, despite another patient, Zoe, revealing how she threw her life away and hurt loved ones. Belle reveals to Craig that Zoe’s story affected her. She can’t cope with losing Aden. Craig sees this as a breakthrough for Belle and her attitude. Rock star Liam Murphy’s arrival at the clinic reminds Belle how out of control her life was.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 14*

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