Aden and Nicole get closer

Romanreturns from hospital, determined to be independent. Aden confides in Martha that Roman is being difficult and she visits Roman. She sees Roman snapping at both Nicole and Aden.

Aden is lying on the bed when Nicole joins him. Both lonely and fed up with Roman, they confide in each other. One thing leads to another and later they can’t believe what they’ve done. Roman later realises he shouldn’t be taking his anger out on Nicole and Aden and goes to Aden’s room to apologise. Being unable to see Nicole, he leaves, and Aden and Nicole are relieved – that was close!

Xavier is discussing the Charlie and Joey situation with Martha when Charlie and Hugo emerge, having spent the night together. Ruby later tells Charlie that Joey’s been trying to contact her and Charlie feels guilty. Charlie can’t come clean to Joey, so Charlie and Hugo agree to keep it a secret, and ask Martha and Xavier to do the same. Martha asks if Hugo slept with Charlie to get Brendan and Xavier off the hook for Roman’s accident.

Xavier tells Ruby about Hugo and Charlie, but later they see Charlie and Joey are still together. Ruby asks Charlie how she could cheat on Joey.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 13*

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