Angelo finally manages to go on a date with Belle. Meanwhile, Aden’s therapy is going well and on day release, he heads straight to Belle’s house, where he’s disappointed to see Angelo and Belle kissing.

Annie is still in shock after witnessing what she believes was a kiss between Ruby and Miles, but Jai won’t believe her. Annie finally catches up with Ruby at school, but when Bartlett catches her passing Ruby a note, it forces Annie to reveal what she thought she saw. Ruby is embarrassed to have her crush revealed to Miles, who has to tell a disappointed and hurt Bartlett about his relationship with Kirsty.

Geoff and Nicole are still searching for Melody, but when they fail to find her, Geoff finally agrees to tell Charlie. The next day, Nicole finds Melody at school waiting to see Geoff. Melody ends up fleeing, with Nicole in hot pursuit. Nicole surreptitiously calls Charlie on her mobile phone as she tries to talk Melody into calming down.

Nicole manages to stall Melody until Geoff and Charlie arrive and Melody is taken back to the clinic. Impressed with Nicole, Geoff suggests they give things between them another go. But aware that he is still unwilling to sleep with her, Nicole suggests they just be friends.

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