Still angry at the way Aden treated her, Belle accepts a date with Angelo to make him jealous. But their date is interrupted by Aden who wants Belle’s help in dealing with a sick Larry. Belle isn’t interested and tells him to leave. Realising he has some making up to do, Aden tells her the truth about his grandfather and the abuse he suffered. Shaken Belle is full of compassion for Aden as he breaks down.

Jealous of Kirsty’s close relationship with Miles, Leah decides it’s time to tell him how she feels. But just as she is beginning to open her heart, she is interrupted by Kirsty, which leaves her feeling even more awkward.

Kirsty is having trouble paying her bills and confesses her troubles to Bartlett after he overhears her making a desperate phone call. She is delighted when Bartlett tells her she should be paid more and is owed back pay that she will receive immediately.

She later checks her bank account where she sees a payment of $800. But on closer inspection she notices that the payment did not come from the Department of Education, but from Bartlett’s personal account.

Also, Geoff worries Jai is a bad influence on Annie.

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