Aden confronts Robbo over Joey’s attack

Aden tells Belle about Joey, and Belle agrees to keep quiet. Aden confronts Robbo, who says what happened was consensual. Belle can’t resist asking Lou about sexual harassment on his boat, but he has no idea what she’s talking about. Robbo worries that people will believe Joey’s story, so he threatens Joey. Lou investigates the claims of sexual harassment, which Robbo denies. Aden is talking to Belle about his frustration when Joey arrives and accuses him of betraying her trust.

Kirsty wants to get her old job back at the school and asks Bartlett. He agrees to interview her. Jai is upset about Miles and Kirsty being apart, so Xavier decides to cheer him up. Bartlett asks Miles if he’d be happy if Kirsty came back. Miles isn’t, and says he’ll do whatever extra work needs to be done. Kirsty is unable to find other work and things are tense with Miles. Later, Xavier converts a wheelie bin into a skateboard. He goes up a hill and wheels down – causing Kirsty to crash her car into Bartlett’s.

Irene gets flowers and assumes they’re from Colleen to thank her for help with the speed dating. But it was Lou, who asks Irene out.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 24*

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