Aden’s struggling to cope with recent events. He tells Martha that when he sees Belle, he sees his father. Aden is shocked by Belle’s gauntness and can’t face her so he writes her a letter, saying it’s over.

Miles and Kirsty fear the worst from the Department of Education investigation. Jai finds an old photo of Trey – he was obese. When Miles shows Trey the photo, Trey opens up about the ridicule he suffered growing up. When John met his mum, he helped Trey lose weight.

Trey wanted John to be proud of him, so tried to become popular by lying. Miles advises him that change comes from within. Bartlett later calls Miles with the news that Trey has dropped the accusations.

Annie and Geoff are hurt when Belle tells them not to visit. After school they are shocked to find Pippa at home and she immediately makes them do housework. Geoff doesn’t want to talk to Pippa about Belle, but Annie does. She explains her theory that Geoff blames himself for Belle’s relapse.

Pippa visits Belle to tell her how much Annie needs her but Belle is withdrawn and despondent. Pippa explains that what’s important is how Belle recovers. Belle accepts a visit from Annie and Geoff and it’s clear that all is forgiven.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 11*

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