Aden fears for Joey

Aden arrives at work. They are expecting a visit from the safety inspector, due to Joey’s complaint. Aden learns that Joey’s quit, and goes to see her but she won’t open up. She later withdraws her complaint, but the inspector’s already found faults with the boat. Robbo is furious and a brawl breaks out. Joey is obviously terrified of Robbo. Aden questions her but she denies there is a problem.

Rachel calls Belinda – the woman she thinks Tony is seeing – and berates her, but Belinda hangs up. Rachel and Tony argue, until Martha persuades Tony to tell the truth. He takes Rachel and Martha to the docks, and shows them Jack’s boat, freshly painted. This is where he’s been every night, and Belinda was supplying the parts. A relieved Rachel falls into Tony’s arms. Martha names the boat ‘Forever’.

Hugo asks Charlie to dinner. He insists it’s more of a business meeting and she reluctantly agrees. Ruby persuades Charlie to give the date a proper go, as she’ll never find the right guy otherwise. Charlie meets Hugo at the Surf Club dressed to the nines. But Hugo gets an emergency phone call and, thinking the date didn’t mean much to Charlie, cancels it. Charlie is left humiliated.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday March 18*

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