Aden is caught with Belle

Despite his thinned blood, Larry has to undergo risky surgery. Although there is a risk that Larry could die, angry Aden rejects the chance to say goodbye to his dad. He waits at the hospital with Belle and Roman, but when news isn’t imminent, Aden leaves. Nicole finds him at the beach drowning his sorrows with a bottle. Aden moves in drunkenly for a kiss, but Nicole pushes him away.

Rejected, Aden stumbles into the night and, eventually, comes in through Belle’s bedroom window wanting somewhere to sleep. Despite her better judgement, Belle agrees to let him spend the night on her floor. But the next morning, Geoff and Annie walk in on the two of them in bed together.

Kane is caught and goes willingly with the police, who are surprised to discover a history of petty thefts and burglaries attributed to Kane over three years on the run. Meanwhile, Kirsty is shocked to learn that Kane committed a robbery, and soon gets another nasty surprise when she learns about all his other crimes. Kane insists he did it all for her and Oliver so they could survive, but Kirsty is uninterested in his excuses.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday July 30*

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