Aden is revealed as Axel’s attacker

Axel is in a bad way as he lies in hospital after his beating. When Geoff hears that Axel is in hospital, he shows no sign of surprise. Belle realises Aden administered the beating which was witnessed by Geoff who did nothing. When Geoff confesses everything to Tony, Tony insists they let Christine know what happened to Melody. But Christine doesn’t believe him, and Melody, still wanting to forget about it, denies anything happened.

Concerned, Geoff sneaks back to Melody’s house, and Christine catches him talking to her. Finally Melody finds the courage to tell her mother the truth, but Christine is unsympathetic and tries to pretend anything ever happened. Driven by her mum’s lack of understanding, Melody decides to go to the police. Meanwhile, Belle can’t believe Aden’s lack of remorse after what he did to Axel, and he’s not willing to explain why he understands what Melody’s been put through.

After a near miss with a rude stranger on the road, Morag is surprised when she shows up at The Diner looking for her. But she soon learns the stranger is Ross’s daughter Charlie, who has come to Summer Bay to put an end to Ross and Morag’s relationship.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday July 25*

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