Irene decides to give Aden a letter from Belle that she’d been keeping for when Aden hit rock bottom. In the letter, Belle tells him to let people into his life to help him deal with her death. When Aden fails to turn up for a lunch invitation, Irene goes to visit him and finds a woman who he’s clearly just slept with departing. Aden is upset and angry and shuts the door in Irene’s face.

Miles finds himself struggling to run the house and mind the kids now that Kirsty has returned to university so when Kirsty misses the Welcome to the Bay lunch because of problems with her uni assignment, it’s the last straw. He angrily accuses Kirsty of being selfish and and storms out.

Nicole is still angry with Indigo about Aden, but the two eventually clear up the misunderstanding and make up after some intervention from Sid. Sid finds he can talk to Nicole more easily than to his daughter, Indigo, but backs off when it becomes clear that Nicole has interpreted his kindness as attraction.

Also, Dexter is shattered when Annie tells him she sees him as just a friend.

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