It’s the day of Belle’s funeral and there are moving words from Irene and Aden but Liam turns up high on drugs. The service ends with a delivery of coloured balloons that Belle had ordered to make them all smile. The mood lightens until Geoff clashes with Liam over his behaviour, and with help from Alf and Sid, Geoff sends him packing.

A series of flashbacks reveal Belle’s last goodbyes. To her mother, Amanda, she offers forgiveness, she thanks Irene and tells her she loves her, she gives Annie her much-loved camera and asks Geoff to look after Annie and Irene. Belle also gives Nicole a special gift – a necklace Aden had given her, Nicole’s reluctant to take it, but Belle is adamant.

Aden wants Belle to be buried wearing the necklace and desperately searches for it before the service. Nicole doesn’t reveal that she has it, then Aden sees her wearing it and lets rip, angrily pulling it off her neck. Shocked and hurt, Nicole finds comfort in talking to Liam, who she discovers on the beach. She asks him to give her something to numb her grief, which he has plenty of. Sid is passing and tries to stop her but fails.

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