Nicole and Aden are caught by the cops. In a cell, Nicole demands to know why Aden blows hot and cold all the time. Aden gives her Belle’s letter. She doesn’t see the relevance, so Aden spells it out: he has feelings for her and Belle’s given him permission. Nicole’s shocked, especially when Aden asks her if she feels the same way about him. Aden gets his answer in the form of a kiss.

Leah bumps into Hazem, the guy that revamped the Diner for her. Later Hazem helps Leah decorate the Surf Club for the Christmas party. Leah invites Hazem to the party. Miles asks Leah why she’s so chirpy. Leah tells him she’s ready for a new relationship. Miles puts two and two together and kisses her, only to realise that she didn’t mean with him. Miles is humiliated.

Liam is low. Nicole’s broken up with him, but Poppie’s left him some ecstasy tablets. Martha and Bambang arrive for a music lesson. Liam is showing Bambang how to play the ukulele when Martha finds the drugs and leaves with Bambang. Irene tells Martha that Liam’s been dumped. Martha invites Liam out to the farm and the pair are surprised by how relaxed they are around each other.