Aden leads Tam astray

Despite Tam’s distress, Brad prepares to leave the Bay, anxious for a change. Later, Cassie discovers Tam and Aden on the beach, with Tam drunk and confused. Brad is angry with her, but Tam doesn’t care, too much in despair at the prospect of Brad’s departure, and fearful that her life will drift back to what it was without Brad around.

Things go from bad to worse the next day when Aden tells Tam he’s taking someone else to the formal. Cassie then receives photos of Tam and Aden together on her phone and realises they’ve been sent to everyone. Tam is distraught and Brad furious, prompting Sally to ban Aden from the school formal, and declaring he’ll soon be hearing from the police after giving alcohol to a minor.

Ric ignores a message from Viv asking him to meet her urgently. But he’s shocked when, that night, Viv’s husband Noel, bursts into Summer Bay House in a violent rage, having seen Viv’s message on her phone and wanting to know where she is. The next day, Ric lays into Viv for getting him involved in her marriage problems, before a more sympathetic Cassie agrees to give Viv a caravan to stay in until Noel calms down.

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