Belle complains about Aden’s recent behaviour and he snaps at her, unable to tell the truth. He tells Geoff about Clint’s latest demand. Geoff says that if Aden doesn’t tell Tony about all this, he will. At The Diner, Clint visits Belle, which further unsettles Aden but he refuses Clint’s request.

Geoff and Nicole find Aden on the beach, bloody and bruised. When Belle comes to see him in hospital, he confesses everything – how he wanted to get the engagement ring, and got involved with Clint to do it. When Belle brings him home later, having been given some perspective by Nicole, she proposes to him.

Miles is still desperate for a baby, and Kirsty tries to reason with him – it might take a while. Colleen is intrigued when Kirsty orders a decaf. Later, Kirsty orders a coffee from Leah, who has heard Colleen’s theory, and Kirsty confirms they are trying for a baby. However, Kirsty’s contraceptive pills accidentally fall out of her bag, forcing her say they’re just old ones.

Nicole tries to connect with Trey, but he thinks everyone hates him. Nicole asks Bartlett to allow Trey on the trek. He agrees. Trey seems buoyed… but then looks up a website on making bombs. What is Trey planning?

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