Nicole’s obsession with her designs is becoming a turn-on for Aden. He likes how she’s taken control of her life and her future. She finds it strange but he just wants her to be happy. He confesses that he wants her to achieve her dreams – the one thing that Belle didn’t get to do.

Mink confesses to Gina that she doesn’t like the way she is and wishes she could change. She decides to shed her ‘old self’. As Mink hugs Romeo goodbye, Gina reminds her to take care of herself. She tells Romeo she needs some time to herself, but she’ll be back.

Romeo is sad Mink’s gone, but happy to see Annie back in the Bay. They’ve missed each other, but aren’t sure how to act around each other. There’s still romance in the air. She tells him she’s back for six weeks – he has that long to convince her to stay for good.

Charlie and Angelo are missing each other, and things are awkward between them, but neither is willing to make a move. Romeo encourages Angelo to do something out of the ordinary to win Charlie back. Angelo goes over to Charlie’s and kisses her.

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