Aden takes a massive step forward

Morag is worried about how depressed Aden is. Martha needs help on the farm and Morag suggests she ask Aden. He turns her down, suspicious that Morag’s been meddling. But when Hugo asks Aden to help Martha, in return for getting him off a likely jail term for the abalone poaching, Aden agrees. Morag’s there and Aden berates her. Martha then tells Aden he’s not the only person grieving. Martha’s words hit home and Aden asks Martha for help: a big step forward.

Brendan is back in the Bay. He can now make himself snacks, pack his bag, and remember his personal hygiene. He wants to go to the local school, but Hugo knows it will be different to what Brendan’s used to. But Brendan adapts well. Brendan also fixes Annie’s camera. He’s blossoming.

Jai is missing Annie, especially as Dexter has now gone and Annie is single again. Annie tells him she’s not interested, but he’s still secretly building her a website. When he sees Annie with her camera, he decides to personalise the website with photos from Annie ‘s camera. He takes the camera and Annie catches him returning it. She’s furious, and isn’t interested in the website. She tells him in no uncertain terms that it’s over.

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