Aden throws the game for Clint

Aden is apprehensive about doing business with the bookie Clint, but Clint assures him he won’t have to throw today’s rugby game. All Aden has to do is concede the first penalty and he will get back the ring he bought for Belle. Aden focuses on the task and Clint, who is in the crowd, is pleased. A relieved Aden then turns his attention to winning the game.

Geoff admits to Claudia that her ex, Lachie, has threatened to smash him in their rugby match. Throughout the game, Geoff keeps out of Lachie’s clutches, but with minutes to go, Geoff tackles him hard, but legally. Lachie lies on the ground with no feeling in his legs!

Charlie wakes up with Angelo, horrified. Colleen tells Ruby she thinks Charlie’s working too hard – she was on the beach in her uniform at first light. Ruby confronts Charlie, who owns up, and Ruby’s disgusted at Charlie’s hypocrisy.

Charlie is confused – she hasn’t heard from Joey and now Angelo wants to know where he stands. Charlie tells Angelo she has feelings for him, but couldn’t cope with the flak everyone would give her if they got together. Angelo decides to stay with May, but says he’d ditch her for Charlie any day.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday July 22*

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