Despite kissing Aden, Belle isn’t ready to confront her feelings for him, which leaves Aden upset and angry. Belle decides not to tell Angelo, and resolves not to let anything happen with Aden again. But Aden isn’t ready to give up so easily and puts pressure on Belle, unable to understand why she is with Angelo, when she clearly prefers him.

Finally, Belle reveals she is sleeping with Angelo and has made a commitment to him. Aden is gutted, but Belle has made her choice, convinced that Angelo will be better for her, despite how she feels about Aden.

Annie makes things up with Ruby and she agrees to come out with her, although she is supposed to be watching Ross. At the beach, Ruby ends up dropping her diary, which Matthew picks up. He takes it to Ruby’s house where he finds the kitchen full of steam, and a kettle melted to the hot plate after being left on by Ross, who’s nowhere to be found.

By the time Ruby and Charlie get home, he’s managed to get it under control, and Ruby is impressed. But Matthew has decided to keep her diary for himself, hoping it will give him a better insight into her inner thoughts.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday November 27*