Terrified Belle begs the deranged Aden to let Rachel go but he refuses to see reason. Wanting to speed up Larry’s seemingly inevitable death, Aden tries to inject him with morphine from Rachel’s medical bag. But Larry manages to knock the syringe out of his hand. Amid the resulting scuffle, Rachel makes a grab for Belle’s phone and calls the police, unnoticed by Aden. The police arrive and take him to the station, but Belle can’t bring herself to speak to him.

Meanwhile, Rachel is upset to hear that Tony thought she jilted him at the aisle and distraught to learn that her best friend, Leah, thought the same.

Stressed out about the Social Worker’s looming visit, Kirsty goes for a walk with Miles, leaving Jai and Annie in charge of Ollie. But they return to find Ollie has hurt his arm and is being comforted by the Social Worker who arrived early to find him alone in the house, with Jai and Annie nowhere in sight.

However, Kirsty is grateful when Bartlett surprisingly steps in to tell the Social Worker he was to blame. The Social Worker believes Bartlett’s story but Kirsty is still furious with Jai for leaving Ollie.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday October 17*

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