Aden has been called to the hospital and is shocked to see his brother, Justin, there. It’s clear they are estranged. Justin can’t remember anything about the car crash, but apart from a minor cut and a headache he seems OK. To Aden’s surprise, Justin reveals he’s in the army.

The police seem suspicious about his memory loss, but Rachel confirms it’s not unusual. But something is puzzling her – he was covered in blood when he arrived, but he has only one small wound. The cops find Justin’s car and it’s covered in blood. It seems unlikely Justin could have got out of the car without assistance. Who was Justin’s passenger?

Xavier can’t bear being in the same house with his mum now that she’s sleeping with John. Gina is furious that Xavier threatened John and demands he apologise. Instead he yells abuse at her. Gina’s had enough. She tells him to pack his bags.

Marilyn searches out Alf. He’s delighted to see her and cooks her dinner. Marilyn reveals she’s returned for ‘the duration’. She mentions her brush with breast cancer, but doesn’t want to discuss ‘negative things’. Alf offers her a bed as she’s practically family. Marilyn hesitates – she’d like to run that past Miles first.

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