Afia gives Tamwar an ultimatum

The Masoods get ready for the grand reopening of Argee Bhajee. Zainab is secretly touched when Syed drops off a good luck card, but Masood rips it up. Tam meets up with Afia and is gobsmacked when she says that unless he tells his parents about their relationship now then it’s over between them. Tam hurries into the restaurant after Afia just as Masood makes an opening night speech and he kisses Afia’s hand in front of his parents. Zainab drops her glass in shock.

Bianca has gone missing after Connor’s assault. Carol is at the hospital and tells an unconscious Connor that she has something important to tell him. Ricky is stunned when the police reveal that Carol has confessed to assaulting Connor. Carol wants to protect the family. Connor wakes and tells the police that Bianca attacked him.

Kat is upset when she discovers that Alfie listed Michael as Tommy’s father and not himself as he agreed to do. Kat realises that she’s being a bit hard on Alfie and goes to apologise for her harsh words. Kat is stopped in her tracks when she sees him laughing with Roxy and decides that Alfie doesn’t care about Tommy after all.

Also, Christian talks to Syed about starting a family.

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