Aftermath of a tragedy

After the shock ending to last week’s episode, Harry offers his support as everyone tries to come to terms with the tragic news, while poor Miss Mardle struggles under the weight of what she knows.
She eventually confides in Mr Crabb and, on his advice, spills the beans to Mr Grove, with devastating consequences: He wants nothing more to do with baby Ernest so Miss Mardle has no choice but to take him.
Elsewhere, Harry confides in Nancy that he’s no longer the outright owner of Selfridges, having sold a five per cent share to raise money for the Selfridge Estate. Nancy realises the enormity of her con and decides to take a step back.
At the Selfridges shareholders meeting, Lord Loxley backfoots Harry with the news that he has acquired a 7% share in Selfridges – he bought the 5% Harry sold plus an extra 2% offloaded by Serge. It’s enough to give Loxley a seat on the board.  
Meanwhile Victor’s dodgy dealings with Regan have enabled him to buy a fancy new motorcar and he whisks Violette off for a romantic trip to the coast. But Victor soon gets a wake-up call when a man collapses from an overdose at Colleano’s. Realising he’s now involved with some very nasty people, he dumps Violette in a bid to protect her from this murky world.