Age Before Beauty – BBC1

Series one of the drama, which concludes tomorrow night, continues with Wes in turmoil and suspicions being raised about Bel

Cheating Wes (James Murray, pictured above, with Madeleine Mantock, who plays Lorelei)
is in turmoil.

Although he remains torn between wife Bel and lover Lorelei, he’s starting to panic that both women might know more about each other than they are letting on.

Bel’s also raising suspicions as brother-in-law Teddy’s plan to tempt her away from Wes seems to be working.

Age Before Beauty BBC1

Bel raises suspicions – is she being drawn to Teddy?

‘Her confidence has been crushed, she’s questioning her self-worth and needs something to make her feel lovable again,’ explains Polly Walker, who plays Bel.

‘She’s been oblivious to the fact that Teddy’s keen on her, but slowly it dawns on her and they go on a journey together.’

Meanwhile, we’re feeling slightly sorry for Leanne as she’s oblivious to the illicit goings-on.

Tune in tomorrow night (9pm) for the finale…

TV Times rating: ****